Upon the reading of a will, the contents may be very surprising. Often a certain party or family member does not receive what they expect, and if this is to their detriment, they will quickly question the original execution of the will. Thus, countless lawsuits are filed today regarding the identity or competency of a testator when he originally executed his will. Sometimes these are filed on behalf of individuals who truly believe the will was forged, or that the testator was incompetent, or that the will was signed under duress. Other times, a lawsuit is a knowing attempt to simply collect against the intentions of the recently deceased.

Video documentation of the will execution ceremony by a certified legal video specialist eliminates any and all doubt. A video recording captures the testator audibly reading his will (if preferred), as well as signing the document itself, leaving no question as to its authorship. It also serves to assure all parties that the signing was not coerced. When the time comes to administer the will in accordance with his or her wishes, the primary source of contention is usually the mental condition of the testator at the time of the will execution ceremony. Video documentation makes this argument all but impossible when the testator can be clearly seen to be competent. Videotaping a will execution ceremony also allows the testator to express himself. In some circumstances, hurt feelings and anger can surround the administration of a will. This service enables the testator to give a visual and verbal explanation of the reasoning behind specific wishes and stipulations. This can make the greatest difference in the needed closure for all parties involved. Video-taping a will execution ceremony is the single most effective legal video product in eliminating future lawsuits.

The final video product will be a High Definition recording with official date/time stamp and provided via secure download link (or physical medium upon request). AngelDown Legal Video Services provides the video-taping of will execution ceremonies throughout Georgia, but most often in and around Atlanta, GA, and its suburbs. See FAQ for more details on coverage area.