Video Depositions

Whether for discovery purposes or presentation to a jury, video depositions play a significant role in winning your case. Using a certified legal video specialist guarantees the testimony will be professional and usable in the court of law.

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Native Capture

Native capture is the direct recording of a source computer in real-time. Electronic exhibits, such as photos, videos, or diagrams can be displayed, and all mouse movements, keystrokes, and annotations will be recorded parallel to the video of the witness, allowing for picture-in-picture testimony.

CLE Legal Video Seminar

AngelDown offers a unique CLE-approved seminar taught by a certified legal video specialist. Informative, entertaining, and interactive, this is a crash course in all things legal video. Best of all, there is no cost to schedule and attend this seminar at a location of your choice.

At AngelDown...

  • We have covered and produced over 10,000 high-quality legal video documents since the company was established in 2009.
  • Your specialist will be nationally certified (or trained directly by a certified videographer), as well as a notary upon request.
  • There is no additional cost for non-sync expedites needed in 2 days or more.
  • Synchronized Video Transcript rates are some of the lowest in the industry.
  • You can take advantage of the newest legal video technology, such as mobile videoconferencing and native capture.
  • You have direct access to the owner who is available anytime day or night to take care of urgent issues, such as last-minute editing or reproduction of a video deposition for trial.

2023 Testimonials

Ben helped my team secure the highest medical malpractice verdict in Georgia history. He was patient and methodical and never hesitated to do everything he could to help us do our best for our clients. Ben’s skills are second to none and I would recommend to him anyone for their trial team.
- Natalie S. Woodward
Warshauer Woodward Atkins, LLC

Ben Jones has been my exclusive “go to” videographer and digital video consultant for well over ten years, and the reason for that is simple. Ben does great work. Ben is an innovative and highly competent professional. Ben is a Team Player. Ben has provided high quality services not simply in deposition videography, but in trial presentation, demonstrative creation and production, and supporting us with innovative advice and ideas throughout the litigation process. I recommend Ben highly and often. Thank you, Ben.
- Robert B. Hill
McLain & Merritt, P.C.

I have worked with AngelDown Legal Video Services for provision of my clients' videography needs for many years. The owner, Ben Jones, is honest, professional, and reliable. He and his team of videographers provide the highest level of service to the legal community, and I highly recommend AngelDown Legal Video Services.
- John P. Payne, RDR, CRR, CCR A-1006
Payne Court Reporting, LLC

I have worked with Ben and his team of videographers for many years now and I can, without hesitation, recommend AngelDown for any of your video needs. Over the years I have had Ben do everything from videotape depositions, to redact, splice, and convert evidence for use at trial and he has always come through quickly and expertly, and in a cost effective manner. There are a lot of video companies out there, but I would not trust anyone else to prepare my evidence. Five stars!
- Michael Braun
Law Office of Michael R. Braun



My firm has used AngelDown Legal Video Services exclusively for 15 years. They are absolutely the best in the business! Always on top of the latest technology. All of their videographers are highly trained and in all of the time we have been using their services I have never had a single issue with anything they have covered for us. I couldn’t possibly be more pleased and would never consider using anyone else.
- Lynn Pyles, Owner/Manager
JPA Reporting, LLC

Our court reporting firm really appreciates the professionalism we receive from AngelDown. Ben and his team are always early, set up, and ready to go before anyone else arrives. They are friendly and courteous to our clients, but also understand the importance of being quiet and staying behind the scenes as the attorneys prepare for their depositions or engage in conversations related to their lawsuit. The product we receive is consistently great and never late. AngelDown is knowledgeable and able to provide any advanced technological requests we may be asked to provide. Their rates are competitive and reasonable. When we book AngelDown, we know everything will be taken care of and in the legal world where details and timeliness matter, they've never let us down. We highly recommend them.
-Carol Glazier, Owner
Appalachian Court Reporting, LLC

I recently tried a two week medical malpractice case in Fulton State Court at the Secretary of State Building due to a courtroom shortage. Ben Jones, with AngelDown Legal, provided technical assistance for me every day. I can unequivocally say that Ben provided the best technical support of anyone I have used since I began trying medical malpractice cases beginning in 1985. In fact, he assisted the Court with his expertise and own equipment when multiple glitches arose, something the opposing parties’ support person was not capable of doing. Besides his high degree of expertise and professionalism, Ben was a good companion and sounding board as the trial progressed. I give Ben my full endorsement and look forward to exclusively using him in the future.
-Robert U. Wright
Katz, Wright & Fleming LLC

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