Are all of your videographers nationally certified in legal videography?

All of our videographers are either nationally certified or have gone through training that includes all the material from national certification and goes far beyond it.

Do you outsource?

No! Unlike most independent videographers, we cover almost every deposition with in-house videographers. Since they have been trained in-house, this allows us to have the utmost in confidence regarding their professional protocols and product. Also, every legal video document goes through a thorough Quality-Check process before being delivered to the client.

What are your coverage areas and mileage/travel rates?

Based out of Roswell, GA, we cover work primarily in Georgia, and specifically Atlanta. Our coverage area is typically south to Macon or Columbus, GA; north to Chattanooga, TN, and as far west as Birmingham, AL. There is no mileage or travel charge for any location within the Atlanta Perimeter or within 50 miles roundtrip from Roswell, GA. Outside of this, our mileage is based on the IRS mileage rate. We also have a small travel time rate if the location requires much more than 3 hours of driving (without traffic).

What are your after-hours and weekend rates?

After-hours (before 7am and after 6pm) and weekend rates, are charged at time and a half (+50%).

What do you charge for expedited services?

We do not charge for any expedited delivery of non-sync video depositions needed in 2 days or more! For other legal video work, the rate varies based on amount of editing or post-production work necessary.

What are some other beneficial billing practices with AngelDown?

For depositions, billing is based on the deposition conclusion, not the videographer departure time. Whereas some videographers can take long periods of time to break down equipment after a recording session in order to charge more, we do not charge for this time. Billing is also rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes, rather than 30 minutes or even an hour for some legal video firms.

Is your Legal Video state-approved CLE course really free?

There is no cost to schedule this thoroughly informative and entertaining legal video presentation at a location of your choice. However, for attorneys to actually receive the CLE credit with the State Bar, we do charge $50 per attorney, which helps us cover our fees when submitting the names for credit. With or without receiving the CLE credit, you will leave the 1-hour seminar with thorough knowledge of the benefits of legal videography and how to most effectively use legal video technology to help you win cases and provide justice for all.

Why do legal video services seem so expensive?

AngelDown provides legal services at some of the most affordable rates in the industry. However, keep in mind that a good videographer will bring around $8,000 worth of equipment to most video recording sessions, not including post-production equipment. Legal video rates stem from a combination of equipment provision, videographer time, videographer expertise, product quality, and a guarantee that the video product will not get thrown out of court. Pay too little, and you'll get someone who isn't certified, has outdated equipment, or is not properly trained, and the final product will reflect this. Pay too much, and it's not fair to you and will be a deterrent to utilizing any legal video service to help your case. Finally, remember that hiring your videographer directly can save you a ton of money.