Trial Presentation is one of the most vital services that a legal videographer can offer. Not only does he handle all the technology of the courtroom, but he will bring all necessary equipment with him so that built-in courtroom equipment does not need to be relied on if there are issues. A certified trial presentation specialist will free up the attorney to focus on making his case to the jury rather than worry about the technical aspects of displaying exhibits and showing video deposition testimony.

Many times a situation will change during trial and an attorney will need to show an unplanned exhibit or piece of evidence. A trial presentation specialist will have all evidence organized beforehand so that he can display the relevant items at a moment's notice. Another important aspect of a capable specialist is the ability to edit quickly and accurately under pressure. Many times a judge will not have the opportunity to rule on objections previously made at an earlier deposition before the trial begins. This might be done before a lunch break, with the intention of showing the deposition after lunch. An extremely competent specialist can edit lengthy video depositions under pressure in a short amount of time based on these rulings. The edit must also be very precise, as any errors could cause a mistrial.

Finally, your specialist can be as involved as you prefer them to be. Often we can serve as consultants or "shadow jurors," offering objective opinions on what we see as the strongest or weakest parts of either the plaintiff or defendant's case. As attorneys usually have been involved in the case for years, we can serve as a fresh perspective since we are generally new to the case. Alternatively, we can simply be in the background and do our job!

Trial presentation services are personally provided only by Ben Jones, owner, or by one of his top two videographers. We take trial presentation more seriously than any other aspect of our business.  AngelDown Legal Video Services provides trial presentation services throughout Georgia, but most often in and around Atlanta, GA, and its suburbs. See FAQ for more details on coverage area.