For Homeowners:

Getting the run-around with an insurance company is the last thing a family needs after tragedy has struck. Few have the forethought to take pictures of their belongings for insurance purposes, and in most circumstances, homeowners end up relying on their memory. With home insurance videos, a professional videographer will come to your home and perform a thorough walk-through, recording every last valuable, appliance, and piece of furniture you own. Video will also capture belongings that a homeowner may never have originally considered to be a legitimate claim. Collection from home insurance companies is more difficult when they only have pictures or your memory on which to rely. A home insurance video recorded by a certified legal video specialist assures them that your claims are legitimate. A continuous shot moving from room to room is a very reliable method of documenting all of your belongings, and is harder to manipulate than photos. Such a simple precautionary measure will be a homeowner's 'saving grace' when the unthinkable happens, and will allow a family to focus on what is really important in the face of tragedy.

For Home Insurance Providers:

For an insurance agency, the benefits of adding or offering the option of a home insurance video to your policy are two-fold. First, it demonstrates that you are looking out for your clients' best interest by documenting all they own, and thereby expediting the claim process should tragedy strike. Few have the forethought to take pictures of their belongings for insurance purposes, and in most circumstances, policy-holders rely on their memory. Homeowners recognize and appreciate when the rare company goes the extra mile to protect them. Secondly, not only will a home insurance video be seen by your client as an added bonus within their package, it also serves to protect the insurance company. Every agency recognizes the difficulty of discerning a legitimate claim from a fraudulent one. The insured may “remember” more than they actually owned or even use deceitful photos in order to collect more than what is owed. Approving claims based on someone's memory is tricky at best, even when dealing with the most well-intentioned client. With this service, the agency will receive a copy of the video, as well as a certificate of authenticity, which guarantees that the documentation was in no way manipulated, and represents an accurate depiction of the homeowner's belongings.

The final video product will be a High Definition recording with official date/time stamp and provided via secure download link (or physical medium upon request). AngelDown Legal Video Services provides Home Insurance Videos throughout Georgia, but most often in and around Atlanta, GA, and its suburbs. See FAQ for more details on coverage area.