Pre-construction video surveys and construction draw videos are vital parts of the legal video industry. A pre-construction survey is a necessity for most construction companies before starting on a large project, especially in an area populated with residents or local businesses. Video surveys show the very detailed conditions of an area prior to construction. Every last inch of the area is thoroughly documented with an official date/time stamp. Among many other benefits, this helps to avoid false claims after the work has been completed. If a resident or local business owner accuses a construction company of creating a crack or dent and is demanding it be fixed, the contractor can use the video shot by a certified legal video specialist to prove that the defect was present before work began. For larger scale issues, this can save a construction company tens of thousands in legal fees. It is the least expensive ‘insurance’ a company could possibly procure. Likewise, residents and business owners can also use a pre-construction video survey to prove that a contractor did in fact create a problem that needs to be fixed, though this service is normally performed in accordance with contractor requirements.

Construction draw videos are sent to a lender at different stages of the construction process in order to receive ongoing funds for the project. Often a lender must rely on photos, or even a detailed explanation of what has been completed thus far. If a photo is worth a thousand words, a video is better than a thousand photos. Not only do construction draw videos cost the same or less than photographic inspections, but they are a far more fool-proof, cost-efficient, and time-efficient method of inspection to be sent to a lender. Rather than perusing various photos attached to extensive and sometimes subjective documentation, video is an objective medium clearly showing progressive and completed work. Not only does video give the lender greater confidence in what has been completed, it also takes less time for a lender to review, especially when combined with live commentary.

The final video product will be a High Definition recording with official date/time stamp and provided via secure download link (or physical medium upon request). AngelDown Legal Video Services provides construction videography throughout Georgia, but most often in and around Atlanta, GA, and its suburbs. See FAQ for more details on coverage area.