Activities of Daily Living, better known as Day-in-the-Life Videos, can be extremely effective in allowing the jury to gain a more full understanding of how a victim's routine and normal living has been altered due to an injury or health condition. This can help them evaluate damages owed to the victim when deciding the case. Day-in-the-Life videos can be used outside the courtroom to help settle a case, but since they can also be used in a courtroom with the jury, they are more regulated than settlement documentaries. A Day-in-the-Life video cannot explicitly play upon the emotions of the jury.

Your Activities of Daily Living video will be produced by a professional videographer who knows the rules surrounding this type of legal video document. These videos will concentrate on the current and future prospects of the victim, rather than the past. The key is showing the facts. Day-in-the-Life videos cannot be used to blame or accuse, and they should be careful not show exorbitant amounts of blood, guts, and agony, unless unavoidable. They are also simpler videos in general. They cannot make use of background music, special effects, animations, character generation, voice-overs, professional actors, or scripted narrations.

Settlement Documentaries, on the other hand, can make use of all these things, since they are not used in court. All professional video editing skills and techniques can be used to make the most convincing documentary possible. Here, the focus is more on the past, and what has happened up to the current time. They are free to set forth opinions, long range prognoses, and tell the entire story. They can also have expert witnesses weigh in on the matter. Lastly, whereas Day-in-the-Life videos should only last around 15 minutes at most, settlement documentaries can be double that length.

Final video products will be in High Definition and provided via secure download link (or physical medium upon request). AngelDown Legal Video Services provides Activities of Daily Living Videos, Day-in-the-Life Videos, and Settlement Documentaries throughout Georgia, but most often in and around Atlanta, GA, and its suburbs. See FAQ for more details on coverage area.